VARDIS, RYAN ROXIE, KRASHKARMA, SYTERIA and more on RAWKAHOLIC VOLUME 1, Cover, Track List, Release Date Announced

RAWKAHOLIC VOLUME 1 is a digital Rock & Metal Sampler with exclusive and unreleased tracks, featuring NWoBMH legends VARDIS, RYAN ROXIE (Alice Cooper guitarist), SYTERIA (feat. Jackie Chambers of Girlschool in their ranks), KRASHKARMA (feat. WIZO bassist Ralf Dietel) , AIRFORCE (feat. Paul Dianno) and 11 more bands from UK, USA, Canada, Denmark… to be released on July 5, 2019 via ROCK’N’GROWL RECORDS.

Rawkaholic Volume 1

Track listing:

1. Syteria – Reflection (exclusive & unreleased)
2. Airforce – Sniper [feat. Paul Dianno], (exclusive & unreleased)
3. Desolation Angels – Fury [Live], (exclusive & unreleased)
4. Blackmayne – Legions (unreleased)
5. Daxx & Roxane – State Outta Myself (exclusive & unreleased)
6. Ryan Roxie – Nevermind (unreleased)
7. DSP David ‘Scary’ Perry – Combinations (exclusive & unreleased)
8. Phonomik – Vicious Circle (exclusive & unreleased)
9. Playhouse – On Fire (exclusive & unreleased)
10. Vardis – Move Along [Raw & Live in London], (exclusive & unreleased)
11. Blue Ruin – Scream Queen (exclusive & unreleased)
12. Love and a .38 – Live is a Cage, Honey (exclusive & unreleased)
13. KrashKarma – Walking On The Sun (exclusive & unreleased)
14. Rat Bastard Syndicate – Black Looking Glass (exclusive & unreleased)
15. Matt Keen – Everything Else (exclusive & unreleased)


SYTERIA featuring Jax Chambers from the legendary Girlschool is a four piece UK rock band formed in 2015.


AIRFORCE is an original, classic rock band from London who formed in 1987 and were a major force within the early NWOBHM scene.


DESOLATION ANGELS was fromed in 1981 and is a NWOBHM Band with colossal ‘HEAVY ROCK RIFFING’ from London England UK! Desolation Angels are ‘Classic Rock’ but with a modern and contemporary twist!

Desolation Angels

BLACKMAYNE, is a NWOBHM band from UK an was fromed in the mid 80s. “Not as heavy as Tank nor as poppy as Terraplane, this solid five-piece were surely one of the over-looked gems of the movement, sparkling with sadly unfulfilled promise.” Garry


DAXX & ROXANE is a ticking time bomb of raw Rock n’ Roll power and crushing heavy riffs ! With Led ZeppelinDeep Purple and AC/DC as their key influences.

Daxx & Roxane

RYAN ROXIE (Alice Cooper guitarsitPlanet Axe) is a US vocalist/guitarist & songwriter, and best known as ALICE COOPER’S long-time lead guitarist and collaborator.

DSP – David ‘Scary’ Perry is an accomplished musician and author. His journey with rock music started in the early 1980’s. His 1970’s fascination with theatrical bands such as KISS, Alice Cooper, plus the eighties Motley Crue, Poison era, set up this creative brilliant rock musician.

Ryan Roxie

PHONOMIK, is an upcoming rock/metal band from Denmark, which can be described as a mix between Metallica and Disturbed. The song for Rawkaholic Volume 1 was mixed and mastered by Jacob


PLAYHOUSE formed in the mid 1980’s. Influenced by the big hair Rock Gods of that era; just five high school friends that wanted to play loud! Playhouse opened for many great rock bands including Extreme, Lee Aaron, Killer Dwarfs, Brighton Rock, Screaming Jets and Harem Scarem and Peter Criss just to name a few.


VARDIS, NWoBHM legend Vardis sound has retained a unique heavy groove, and endured over decades. Vardis were forged out of Glam, Punk, Heavy Metal, Blues and Rock ‘n’ Roll in the crucible of 1970’s northern England.


BLUE RUIN is a group of punk rock princesses out to make you scream – inspired and influenced by various genres including punk, hardcore, pop-punk, hard rock, riot grrrl and metal.

Blue Ruin

LOVE AND A .38 is a blue collar rock band in an unlikely place and have taken an “It’s all rock and roll to me” approach to their career. “Sounds like a hard rocking Foo Fighters cruising through the desert.” (Revolver Magazine).

Love And A 38

KRASHKARMA, the duo that has been labeled as ‘The White Stripes Of Metal‘ are conquering the scene of heavy music worldwide. With over 600 international shows – KrashKarma is one of the hottest touring acts. Ralf Dietel (WIZO) & Niki Skistimas are drawing their intensive energy from generations of Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Alternative and Punk music.


RAT BASTARD SYNDICATE, (feat. ex American Dog members) is a powerhouse quartet and international skull crushers. This band is LOUD, DIRTY and REAL. What you see/hear is what you get. Uncompromising, generally ill-behaved and too stubborn to give up.

Rat Bastard Syndicate

MATT KEEN, front man and guitarist Rebel Soul Revival is a multi-genre musician from Chicago, IL (USA) who has been honing his eclectic style for years. When playing with his rock and roll band Rebel Soul Revival, The Matt Keen Trio or working around the country as a solo acoustic artist, Keen brings an unparalleled honesty and grit to his every performance.

Matt Keen

Rock’N’Growl Records is a record label founded in 2009 by Axel Wiesenauer based in Germany. They focus on the rock and metal genre. The label working also with their division Rock’N’Growl Promotion heavily in the fields of publicity, press, promotion and consulting. Stay Rock’N’Growl !

RNG Records