WORLD OF DAMAGE Post ‘Breathe (Little Angel)’ Lyric Video Feat. ROY KHAN


World Of Damage Roy Khan

Norwegian hard rock/metal band, WORLD OF DAMAGE, the solo project of guitarist Kjell Åge Karlsen (JORNCHROME DIVISION) aka Mr.Damage have released a lyric video for the new single ‘Breathe (Little Angel)‘ featuring ROY KHAN (Conception) on vocals. The track is taken from the debut album ‘Invoke Determination‘, which will be released on June 11th, 2021. The video can be viewed below.

The lyric video was made by Eirin Myklebust Lødøen. Drums by Aki Johannes Viitala and additional vocals by Aurora Amalie Heimdal.

WORLD OF DAMAGE Breathe Little Angel

Invoke Determination‘ featuring some of the greatest names within the modern rock and metal scene, including Shagrath (Dimmu BorgirChrome Division), Roy Khan (KamelotConception), Björn «Speed» Strid (SoilworkThe Night Flight Orchestra), Maurice Adams (BreeDEnigma Experience) and Chris Clancy (Wearing Scars) to name a few.

Mr.Damage has to say, “The idea of making this album goes all the way back to around 2016. I found myself in a situation were I wanted to make music without having to think about it fitting into Chrome Division or any other band, or form. I just wanted it to be my own music, being everything from rock and metal, to ballads and instrumental music. Kinda just let the music do the talking without analyzing it too much. When you are playing in a band, the music is a product of the style and the people of the band. But when you are on your own, everything is up to you, and you alone. It’s like painting a picture; it’s you, the brush, the colors, and the canvas. Not five people, with five brushes and five different buckets of paint. I am very pleased and proud of the album, and I can’t wait to show off, the World Of Damage.

All guitars and bass is played by Mr.Damage. Drums is hammered in by the great Aki Viitala from Shot At Dawn. The album is produced by Mr.Damage and mixed & mastered by Marius Strand (Chrome DivisionThe Wretched EndSusperia) at Strand Studio, Oslo, Norway.

Tracklist – Invoke Determination:

1. I Will Not Conform (feat. Maurice Adams & Shagrath)
2. Invoke Determination (feat. Björn «Speed» Strid)
3. The Petrol & The Blood (feat. Bernt Fjellestad)
4. Fire Burns My Name (feat. Björn «Speed» Strid)
5. Until The End Of Days (feat. Chris Clancy)
6. Breathe (Little Angel) (feat. Roy Khan)
7. Insanity (feat. Pål «Athera» Mathiesen)
8. Cancel (feat. Bernt Fjellestad)
9. Unleash The Rage (feat. Thebon)
10. Black Moon (Instrumental)
11. Spoke In The Wheel (feat. Eddie Guz)
12. I Will Not Conform – BONUS (feat. Maurice AdamsShagrath & Derek Sherinian)

Kjell Age Karlsen - Mr.Damage

Kjell Åge Karlsen, or Mr.Damage has he prefers to be called (the name is given by his father after he managed to crash his car THREE times in one day!!), is best known for being the loud, wild and untamed lead guitar-player and co-songwriter in the Doomsday Rock N Roll band Chrome Division, along with his partner in chrime, Shagrath from Dimmu Borgir.

Mr.Damage has a growing catalogue with band releases and several guest appearances, latest is co-writing and performing «Faith Bloody Faith» with JORN for the Norwegian final of ESC 2021.

This long haired, bearded, Norwegian Viking is now ready to unleash his first solo album upon the world.

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